W.D. Gann’s Books & Reading List

W.D Gann Reading List

If you’re interested in learning Gann, you should read the books he authored and the books he suggested you study for background knowledge.

Books Gann Authored

Truth of the Stock Tape and the Wall Street Stock Selector  (1923)

Tunnel Thru the Air  (1927)

Wall Street Stock Selector (1930)

Fact Facts America, Looking Ahead to 1950  (1940)

45 Years in Wall Street and the New Stock Trend Detector  (1949)

The Magic Word (1950)

How to Make Profits in Commodities  

How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls  

New Stock Trend Detector  

Scientific Stock Forecasting or Large Profits on Small Risks  

Companion to Truth of the Stock Tape 

Gann Commodity Course

Gann Stock Market Course


Books he suggested you read 

Gann's Suggested Reading list


Gann's Suggested Reading list

Most of them a freely available here



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