B’s Forecasts

B’s Forecasts – forecasts from time to time

The purpose of this page is to share some forecasts from time to time.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) These forecasts are for demonstration purposes only, these calls are not to be traded.

2) These forecasts do not account for inversions.

3) The cycle dates are referred to “pressure” dates. This means we are expecting a market reaction. One of 2 things can happen, the market can stop-and-reverse OR accelerate in the original direction. There are time patterns you must learn to understand which way the market will most likely go.

4) An inversion is not a failed signal, as a trained analyst will likely catch the move.

5) No system is 100%, we are aiming anywhere between 75-90% with these signals. Some markets are better than others. Some traders are better than others.

6) Each market has a dominant cycle that you can decode, this applies to all liquid markets and all time frames.

7) These turn dates are not traded blindly as you need to understand the market rhythm to be successful.

8) Please check the actual charts to see how the forecasts played out after the cycle has hit.



Symbol: EURUSD – Timeframe: Daily – Forecast date: Feb 18th 2020



Symbol: SILVER – Timeframe: 60 min – Forecast date: March 2nd 2020



Gann Forecast - Nifty March 3rd 2020

Symbol: NIFTY – Timeframe: 4 Hr – Forecast date: March 3rd 2020


Future forecasts at: https://www.tradingview.com/u/TraderSyndicate/