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Nearly 100 years ago, Gann not only deciphered the markets but also had a “signal service” to share his outlook with his clients.

Following in the footsteps of the grand master, here’s our humble attempt to do the same.

Introducing the Gann forecasting service!

Imagine receiving an email at the beginning of the month that looks like this.


Sent by: Trader Syndicate

To: You

Forecast USDCAD Jan 2019

Jan 2 – H

Jan 9 – L

Jan 14 – H

Jan 18 – L

Jan 23 – H

Jan 31 -L


Then at the end of the month, the market looks something like this:


How much would information like this be worth to you?

Would you pay $5,000? $10,000? $15,000? a month to know EXACTLY where the market is going?

I’ve spent a small fortune and over a decade of my life trying to find and then master this skillset.

And here’s an opportunity for you to witness and profit from a legendary scientific forecasting system.

There’s no after the fact “I would have done this or that”

You’ll see forecasts play out live in front of your eyes.

Hopefully, with some eye-popping profits going into your account.

So here’s what you need to know:

I’m launching a signal service later this year.

I have yet to decide which markets I will be offering, the price point and the number of people that can join.

Leave your email with me and I’ll let you know more details closer to launch.

Trader B

PS 1 – I will likely start with forecasting Bitcoin with a subscription around $497/mo USD. Ideally, I will forecast the most popular 3-5 markets based on the feedback I get from the form below at which point price would not be below $997/mo USD.

PS 2- You must have live trading experience and a strategy to take advantage of these forecasts, these are not entry/exit calls. Initially it will be time signals only, later I will also include price points. The signal accuracy is between 80-90% depending on several factors.

PS 3 – Previous forecasts shared with friends/family, watch this video.

PS 4 – If you can’t make money with a service like this, then only God can help you 🙂


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