A forecasting service based on the world’s most powerful timing system, that gives you the time, direction, and duration of all the major market trends in ANY market!

Here's what you can expect...


SP500 Forecast
These are real forecasts for the SP500 for May/June 2021. As you can see not every move will catch the extreme pivot, that is a normal part of the system, therefore it is imperative you know how to trade the markets and not blindly take the signals. Before you join, plot these dates on your chart along with the polarities and replay market data to see if you could have made money with your current strategy.

Shanghai Index

Shanghai Index Forecast
These are real forecasts for the Shanghai Index for May/June 2021. The past 2 months the markets have played out very well according to our forecasts, this is not always the case. Some markets respond better to the cycles than others. I would encourage you to sign up for this market as our analysis is excellent. Before you join, plot these dates on your chart along with the polarities and replay market data to see if you could have made money with your current strategy.


“I’m skeptically watching the turns dates you forecasted and shared with me (almost hoping they wouldn’t work) and some supernatural force seems to step into the market and cause the market to reverse at your projected times. I still can’t make any sense of what you are doing or how you knew this beforehand, my brain is literally hurting. To say that I am blown away is an understatement. I still can’t believe this is possible. I can’t go back and trade without this anymore.  If you can do this month over month, sign me up for life!”    

                                                                                                                                                            Beta Signal Member, June 2021

The Supply & Demand Forecasting Service

Based on Gann’s scientific forecasting system

Imagine being able to pinpoint every major swing point, in the world’s most volatile markets, with a 90% accuracy, and know in advance, the time, the direction and the duration of the trend – and then trade it profitably!

You have in front of you a rare opportunity to take advantage of exclusive information only available in elite private circles.

Information which you have been conditioned to ridicule and reject.

Information so powerful, so precise, so profitable – it’ll feel unfair.

Information that can change your life forever.

My goal with this service is to give us, the small guys, an opportunity at the big bucks!

Listen to me very carefully, before you join, it’s my responsibility to inform you that despite this information people can still lose a lot of money.

You see what happens is, most traders operate from place of fear.

The fear of missing a move, the fear of losing money, the fear of being wrong etc.

Within this circle, most traders operate from a place of greed.

More money, more profits, more risk, more reward etc.

What happens in that process is you loosen up your trading rules.

You’ll add more positions, you’ll hold on longer, you’ll ignore obvious trading errors etc.

Let me be very clear…

Yes, you can make a yearly salary in under a month.

Yes, you’ll have more winners.

Yes, it’ll be very easy at times.

But if you do not know how to trade AND don’t have the discipline to stick to your rules/strategy…

This could be a career ending move.

I’m sure you’ve heard of many fund managers who find themselves in 10’s of millions of dollars in losses because of greed.

Gann lost trades, Gann blew up accounts too!

Here’s why I say this:

I’ve shared my forecast signals with some close associates.

Some of them made a small return, other’s made jaw dropping profits while someone else blew their account. They all were operating from the same information.

The last thing I want to hear from you is that you lost everything by going all in.

You must have live trading experience and a semi-profitable strategy to truly maximize what we are offering.

Forecasting and trading are 2 different things, keep that in mind.

Now that you’ve been warned…

If you are profitable today, these signals will add some serious weight to your bottom line.

I hope you join and make a fortune.

See you on the inside,

Trader B

Sign Up

Each market you would like access to is $497 month, billed monthly.

You will receive an email with a) The forecasted dates b) the polarities c) a visual map d) market commentary for the market you sign up for.

We are offering forecasting services for the BTCUSD with plans to add more markets soon.

(Enrollment for December open until Dec 3 2021 )


1. Which markets are you forecasting?

We are starting off with S&P500, Dow Jones, and Shanghai Index (A50/SSE), we do have plans to add more markets in the future.

2. You mentioned BTCUSD and EURUSD forecasting as well?

We will likely be adding them in the future.

3. Is there a group chat or community for this service?

Not at this time

4. Do you offer a trading room?

The signals are best suited for a swing trading approach that does not require constant monitoring of the markets.

5. Why is this limited to 100 people?

This is for an exclusive group. If you do not see the option to join, you can join the waitlist. Doors will be opened if someone drops out of the group.

6. Do you offer trials?

No trials, this is for professional traders. You can look at previous forecasts shared with clients to gauge accuracy.

7. Can you set me up on automatic recurring billing?

We will add that feature through our payment processor for the coming months.

8. Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds, the billing is month to month only.

9. Are these trading signals?

No, these are not entry/exit signals, these are market forecasts. You will be told the dates and polarities of major market turns. If you are not profitable right now, you may still struggle with this service. Forecasting and trading are 2 different things.

10. How do I read the signals?

Instructions will be sent with your newsletter.

11. Can I get you to forecast a specific market?

Not at this time

12. Are the signals indeed 90% accurate or is that a marketing pitch?

Join the signals and find out for yourself, our aim is to be 85-90% accurate month over month.

13. Are the forecasts for the extreme pivot points all the time?

No, it depends on the market conditions and the instrument. Accuracy is within +/-1 day of the extreme pivots. This is how the system works.

14. What’s your trading experience?

10+ years in the Gann Field

15. Can you teach me how to trade?

If there is great demand, we can do a webinar on how to best trade the forecast.

16. Do you teach how to forecast?

We use the same technique that is being taught in the Gann’s Astro Cycle Course

17. Can you share forecasted prices on the dates of the turns?

Not at this time.

18. How long will you keep running the forecasting service?

I do plan on running this for the foreseeable future, as long as I can deliver amazing results, and I enjoy doing this, but not indefinitely.

19. Is price always going to be $497/market?

No, this is introductory pricing, price will be increased to $997/month per market in a few months.